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  • jrnut Paul
    Oct 5, 2013

      On Sat, Oct 5, 2013 at 7:36 AM, John FF <johnff@...> wrote:

      At ground entry points, having a return (or onward) bus ticket will suffice.

      If you are convinced that you must now have a return AIR ticket when entering by bus, tell that to the thousands of others (Nicaraguans, Panamanians, whoever) who are entering with return bus tickets as i write this.

      What you say should be true and is perfectly logical and entry should be granted if you have a return bus ticket.. However, in reality Panama and Nicaraguan entry officials are now asking for a return flight ticket from Costa Rica  to your home country before allowing entry into their country. This does not make any sense at all and as a traveler who is headed for Peru will tell you is absolutely asinine, but none the less they are requiring it of those whom they feel are exiting CR just to get another 90 days stamp when they return in a few days, especially if that has been their pattern as shown on their passport.

      It almost seems that CR has decided that those on a 90 day perpetual tourist visa are no longer wanted, even though they provide a good deal of money to their country and a majority are property owners. To me and a lot of others this is a stupid attitude and will eventually hurt them in the long run as other countries will seem a better choice for a Gringo looking for a country to retire in.

      Paul in Perez


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