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  • John FF
    Oct 5, 2013
      Here's the way the return ticket system works (imperfectly, but this is it).

      If you enter CR by air, and Migracion refuses you entry, and you don't have a return ticket, then the airline must pay for the cost of flying you out.

      If you enter CR by air and cannot show that you have the means to leave within the time of your visa (i.e., a ticket), then you will be refused entry.

      To respond to Migracion's dictum that you must have a return ticket, and to avoid paying for your exit travel, the airlines demand that you comply by checking that you have a return ticket before you get on the plane to CR.

      Sometimes, Migracion at the airport (or for ground entry at the border) does not check to see if you have a ticket. Most times they do. Sometimes the airline does not check to see if you have a flight out. Most times they do.

      At ground entry points, having a return (or onward) bus ticket will suffice.

      If you are convinced that you must now have a return AIR ticket when entering by bus, tell that to the thousands of others (Nicaraguans, Panamanians, whoever) who are entering with return bus tickets as i write this.

      John French
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