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  • bmryan76
    Oct 4, 2013

      A friend of mine who has been living here for years had the same problem at the border of Panama after checking out of CR they wouldn't let him into Panama because they said he needed an airline ticket returning to his home country.... but he snuck his way to the San Vito Border and was able to get through .... its amazing that they want to repel tourists, and think they can say that you actually have to be returning to your home country...what if you are on a Latin American holiday to various locations....


      anyway.....be ready if you are a "perpetual tourist"


       I just got my residency because I started to see this starting  a couple years ago.....



      ---In costaricaliving@yahoogroups.com, <carneiro@...> wrote:

      Re: . . . it seems that Panama is now requiring an *airplane* ticket out.  (search "panama" in the "Search Conversations" box at top of the Group page for discussions of same)"
          Costa Rica is requiring an "airplane" Ticket out too.
          On Tuesday last week, a friend was denied entry at the JuanSantamaría Airport for lack of an airline ticket returning him to his home country. He showed them an open bus ticket to Nicaragua, but they said it wasn't good enough. They finally let him leave with a 1-½ months stamp in his passport and a warning to next time show them a ticket home.
          So - you likely won't have a problem entering Nicaragua, but you may have a problem re-entering Costa Rica.
      Anthony C./Curridabat
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