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162799RE: Re: 97% of climatologists believe the idea of human-caused global wa

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  • islandjerr
    Sep 29 1:38 PM
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       Isn't it time that we individually took steps to reduce our carbon footprints?   Solar is affordable for hot water and for electricity and pays off in a reasonable time.   Cars with low carbon footprints are available.  Knowing how efficient the Prius is for "in town" driving in the US, I can only imagine how efficient it would be here... If you have one, let us know.   

      Gardens, trees, economic use of electricity..  No clothes dryers... All will contribute big time.   

      Are you doing your part??


      "Unfortunately all of the currently know methods to reduce the
      emission of CO2 are difficult and expensive to implement."
      "Even more unfortunate is the fact that most North Americans still insist that we cannot afford to reduce emissions of CO2. They are still in complete denial of what the ultimate costs of NOT reducing emissions will be."
      Jim C
      Don't get me wrong. Carbon emissions must be reduced long term or the planet will be trashed. I fully support zero emission goals for all new construction and products but that isn't enough. We have to invest in finding sequestration techology.

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