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162650A Small Calibre Weapon Will Kill

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  • rusinlarry
    Sep 19 10:24 AM
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      About Twenty-five years ago I purchased a small revolver manufactured by Freedom Arms. It came in .22 long rifle and .22 Magnum calibers. Its size was quite small measuring five inches from one end to the other in length by about two and a half inches long at the grips. I loaded the first two chambers with Snake Shot, and the next three with .22 Magnum Hollow Points. My thinking was, if I had to use it, I wanted the first two shots to sting sufficiently to discourage a further attack and not be lethal, but if that didn't work, I would be left with no other alternative but to use lethal force. That revolver is simply an up close defensive weapon, and that was how I would use it if there ever was a need.

      I heard about the use of .22's in combat many years ago and because the revolver was so small, I decided it would suit my purposes just fine. Particularly because it was a Magnum. I carried that around in my pocket for years. One day I had the misfortune of being attacked by two large dogs. Both were Doberman Pinchers that probably weighed around eighty pounds each. They came at me for no reason as I walked down the sidewalk.

      When an aggressive dog is going to attack they leave little doubt as to their intentions. They were snarling and flinging saliva from their mouths as they came at me. Out came my small revolver, I cocked it and fired at the face of one dog which caused it to turn and race away crying and yelping. The other dog kept coming so I fired at its face, but it paused its attack only momentarily, shook its head and then came at me with a vengeance. I emptied three shots into the dogs neck and face and he dropped dead within a foot of me. I can testify in no uncertain terms, a .22 Magnum will stop an aggressor dead.

      I love dogs. I have three of them. I would never intentionally hurt a person or an animal for any reason other than to protect myself. That I would do in a heartbeat. If it comes to my well being or to that of a loved one, my handy dandy little .22 will be there in case of a need. Those who don't believe a small caliber bullet will not kill or disable an aggressor is mistaken. It will stop them dead. Bobby Kennedy was killed with a .22 revolver.

      L Michael Rusin

      author of the novels

      Avalon: The Retreat, California's Child and

      Beyond Avalon: The Retreat