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162641RE: Does civil engineering exist in Costa Rica?

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  • jckincy
    Sep 19, 2013

      An article in AMCR confirmed my suspicions.  The country has enough civil engineers to design what few roads and bridges need to be designed.

      The problem is the brain trust in San José known as politicians.  They love to go on the cheap but where does the money go that they save?  The current fiasco in Hatillo would not have happened if good engineering advice had been followed. Now they want to repeat the same mistake to save (?) money and the next time the fix will probably not last half the time as the original.

      Letting pols instead of engineers design roads is beyond stupid but then repeating the same mistake is insane.  It couldn't be worse if you fired the pols and put the engineers in charge for a change.

      --- In costaricaliving@yahoogroups.com, <Rocky1.steve@...> wrote:

      You and I and everyone else (certainly not the government) will eventually pay for them!

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