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162637Re: Car storage?

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  • Robert Williams
    Sep 18, 2013
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      <5 weeks is nothing. Cars (used and new) sit on dealer's lots longer than that.
      This is very true, but the car dealers have a person who maintains the batteries by occasionally charging them on a routine schedule. Many times I have gone by car lots, to see a couple of hoods up, with chargers affixed to their batteries.
      Could you imagine what would happen if a car dealer did not maintain the batteries of his or her inventory? He just might be unfortunate to have a client want to test drive a car with a low or dead battery. How would the client respond? Well, they would not only leave the particular car, most likely they would go to a different lot in search for a car to buy, assuming that dealer who failed to maintain the battery had other business problems as well.
      Cars onmost car lots have their battreies maintained on am ongiong basis.
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