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162613RE: today's CRL home page pic

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  • alajuelanorth
    Sep 17, 2013

      wow we have someone called KOHLERIA on the board - how eclectic can this group be (despite the problems with neo - has anyone found "reply" or double click the message does not expand it?).

      No Paul, they didn't tell me what it is -  I said "that's a nice weed, can I have some".  :-))

      I figured it might be a gesneriad but i was expecting something taller . . . this thing just sets up and starts growing all over the place like a magnificent ground cover.  I am nearly certain it will be unhappy in the dry season and I will be accused of poor water conservation behaviour by trying to keep it happy.  FYI there are some really huge gesneriads at Wilson Gardens which I would happily live at if it wasn't hours from absolutely everywhere, 


      just wiki'd it and apparently they hybridize happily in the wild so they could become anything hoho

      --- In costaricaliving@yahoogroups.com, <stanhopi@...> wrote:

      --- Kohlerias wrote:

      > I have been growing Kohlerias, albeit a different variety than in today's photo,

      > since I found my first 'weed' many years ago.

      Thanks for that bit of info.  It looked like a Gesneriad but while I didn't know anything about that 
      genus, I did guess correctly that it is a gesneriad.

      Is all the hair  we see on the outside of the flower in Berni's photo typical of many Kohleria species?

      Just curious...

      Paul M.
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