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162250Does civil engineering exist in Costa Rica?

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  • Michael
    Aug 29, 2013
      My AGD 2 colones contribution:

      Are there programs for degrees in civil engineering in this fine country? Are there actually civil engineers employed, or contracted by, the government?

      I ask because I am bewildered by the sad state of design, construction and maintenance of the countries roads and bridges....especially the bridges! In my little part of the world (San Isidro de Heredia) there are numerous small bridges on the highway that runs from Heredia all the way to the pista #32 to Limon. I think every one of the bridges was built for single car passage only, even though most of them have plenty of space on either side to have constructed a full 2 lane bridge. But no!, the single lane, and the "Ceda El Paso" for all southbound traffic, ALWAYS creates a backup - huge at late afternoon! And many of them were built on the most incredible "S curve" road design! I feel so sorry for the bus drivers who must perform vehicle acrobatics to maneuver these bridges and S curves, without taking out the side of the bus on one of the concrete posts that line the bridge!

      I won't even begin to address the numerous roadside collapses that occur on key roadways!

      That's it! Perhaps I ran over my "2 colones" worth, but then I haven't posted for awhile!

      But still happy in Costa Rica!
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