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16194Leez and Janet do lunch

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  • Janet Blakeley
    Jun 30, 2003
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      Hi all,

      Well, the fated day arrived! Fred, Amy and their daughter, Brittany, had arrived and agreed to meet some of us for lunch. The designated pick-up driver (Janet) unfortunately blew a tire on the way to pick them up, so their hospitality began with a taxi ride. It´s always something! BUT in typical Costa Rican style, a knight in shining armor walked up the road to assist in the tire change and lent her his home phone. The people here are so helpful, always.

      Arriving at the restaurant after Fred and Co., our first thoughts (besides the need to locate the facilities), was what a good-looking, young family, Fred and co are. In total we were: Fred, Amy, Brittany, Janet, Leez and the captive Deek, Mary Ellen and Fernando Montenegro, Robert and Cassandra Joy.

      Lunch was good. The mixed grill was enough for three, and the fish was superb. (Dick still maintains that the Best steak he has ever had in this country was at the Caravelle restaurant in Punterenas.) We also sampled the wine, (from the winery next door) and Janet pronounced the tinto not-quite-dry -enough for her, but full-bodied and very acceptable. (Brilliantly, she convinced Fred to provide the rest of the afternoon driving...) The white was way too sweet for some palates but others loved it.

      We were, of course, treated to the usual afternoon spectacular thunderstorm with pelting rain, after the end of which, Mary Ellen and Fernando graciously invited us to visit their lovely home in La Garita. So......more wine and more talk, goodbyes to Robert, Cassandra, Mary Ellen and Fernando,then off to Janet's house above Grecia..Here, we enjoyed the view, and, you guessed it, more wine and more talk. Leez and Deek stayed the night of course. The wine didn't feel quite as clever in the am!!!!!

      There are a few pictures posted in Photos on the URL. Look for Fred and Co. folder.
      Hope this family finds their perfect Costa Rican spot, and manages to make their planned move next year.
      Pura Vino,
      Janet y Leez

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