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15765directions to finca

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  • Sharon Wallace & Richard Maehl
    Jun 3, 2003

      To go to Ciudad Colon you need to drive down the small road along that east
      end of the airport. The road turns to the right and then follows the south
      side of the airport. Take the first left and follow this narrow road on
      down around curves and then across a bridge and uphill and then past
      several restaurants on both sides of the road and then around a big curve
      to the left at the entrance to a swimming and recreation area called Ojo de
      Agua on your right. Keep on this road until you come to a Tee intersection
      where you jog to the left for about 50 feet and then turn right
      again. Continue to the next Tee intersection and turn right. Bear right
      when you come to the next intersection. On this bigger 2-lane road turn
      left at the traffic light (big PANASONIC sign on your left just before the
      light and EL RODEO hotel/restaurant on your right after you turn).
      Things are simpler from here on. Follow this road until you see a highway
      overpass ahead of you. Turn right to get up on this divided highway. See
      the FINAL DIRECTIONS below.

      Get to the Sabana and take the autopista along the south side to the west
      (toward Escazu, Santa Ana, and Ciudad Colon). See the FINAL DIRECTIONS below.

      Take the exit for Escazu, Santa Ana, and Ciudad Colon onto the divided
      highway. See the FINAL DIRECTIONS below.

      Just continue on this road (the median strip ends after a couple of miles).
      As you enter Ciudad Colon there's a one-lane bridge (YIELD to oncoming
      traffic). Take the first right (just beyond the gas station) and then the
      first left (roadsigns point to Puriscal, Parrita, and Quepos) and then the
      third right (onto our street, at last). Keep going past a cemetery on your
      left. The pavement soon ends and we're a couple of hundred yards farther
      on the left. Just past the narrow white house with steep red roof (now
      well hidden by a row of caƱa) turn into the driveway entrance with a
      simple, red pipe gate with a sign "FINCA SARAMANDAIA". Our own house is
      at the bottom of the steep, winding driveway.
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