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15733Wrong Question, Gordito!

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  • gringoventas
    May 31, 2003
      Having lived here for 10 years and working in real-estate for more
      than six years, you need to realize that except for the beach areas,
      the real-estate market is currently depressed. To sell or even rent
      a place quickly these days, the owner must be willing to decrease
      their price by as much as 25%-depending on the area.
      1. The first question one needs to ask you is where the property is
      located? You have to have a real-estate agent that specializes in
      the area where your home is.
      2. Forget finding the attorney first. Every good real-estate agent
      knows an attorney that can be trusted. And of course, if you are
      still truly nervous regarding the dispersal of funds, Stewart Title
      is an easy, though more expensive alternative.
      3. Regarding the car and furniture-again get somebody that knows the
      market and has conducted garage sales before (like me or 2 others
      that I know of).
      4. Important to keep in mind is where the nearest Costa Rican
      consulate is to your U.S. address. You will be going there.

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