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  • Jim Cottone
    Feb 28, 2013
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      "The question is NOT what mbps are or how they are used.The question is
      how are they fabricated or made.What is the process?Marcus"


      They are not actually "fabricated or made", as they are simply data bits
      that you create every time you press a key on your keyboard. When you
      type an uppercase A, for example, the keyboard enters a digital value of
      65, which is a byte of data, and would be a binary value of 0110 0101.
      Your computer understands only 1's and 0's, so everything you enter is
      immediately converted to binary data.

      Your computer is running as long as it is turned on. There are many
      processes that run continuously, in the background, so that you get an
      immediate response when you press the keys to enter data. I have been a
      computer Field Engineer for over 45 years, and the technology has
      continued to improve in both speed and efficiency for all of those
      years. Still, it is not a simple matter to inform you as to how all of
      the information is "fabricated or made" without telling you how the very
      basics of Electronics, and digital systems work.

      It would be tantamount to my explaining how an FM radio works, or how
      electricity is "made". Without a firm base of knowledge as to the basics
      of the physics involved in the processes, it is futile to try to
      explain. One stock answer we have often used in my field of expertise is
      to simply say "It works by FM", meaning it works by F^#%*ing Magic.


      Jim Cottone
      American Professional Photographer
      Costa Rica Cell 506-8559-0822
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