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155676wireless internet help

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  • Tiff
    Jan 16, 2013
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      Hi guys,
      I currently have internet (not wireless) at my house through Cabletica, which I was told is the only option in our area. We have a modem with a connection for only one computer. We need to get wireless set up, however Cabletica now tells us we can't have it in our area. Our next door neighbor has wireless through Cabletica via a Linksys router, so I don't believe them when they say it's not possible.

      I do have a Linksys router but when I plug it in our computers do not even acknowledge it's existence, not sure why. I did try the router in the US before bringing it and it worked fine. I set up the IP address and what not prior to testing it and bringing it here. Cabletica first told us we could not have wireless because we didn't get our router from them. Well, we are willing to get one from them, but now they say it isn't available in our area.

      Sounds typical I know, but does anyone have any suggestions? I am obviously missing something important in the use of my own wireless router. I don't know what though.

      Some people have suggested getting a data card for my laptop. ok, but where? ICE has them but do I need to have my internet through ICE in order for it to function? One person told me I have to get a data card from my current ISP (Cabletica in my case). I can't seem to get a straight answer from any of our sources. Need new sources I guess.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated. I need to have 3 computers running pretty quick here and the way it is currently set up, we can only have one.

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