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155116Re: ICE Bill not showing on BN

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  • John
    Jan 2, 2013
      " ICE changed my localization number but never told me."

      I use the NISE number, 6 digits and easy to remember and not likely to change. Did not change when I changed names on the account. But then with ICE all things are possible.

      I have more problems with ICE telecom then with ICE electricidad. Wanted ICE to move a pole. They sent me a letter with the charges.
      I went to the bank and deposited the payment in electricidad's account.
      But I also had to also pay telecom. That was a major ordeal. I had to pay in person at ICE office to the jefe de telecomunicacion in person. Two and half hour wait to see him and another one hour in his office making small talk. And on top of that he overcharged me and another trip to get the refund and an apology from my new friend.

      ICE electricidad did all the work and even supplied a new pole, telephone did nothing but charged me more. But hey, they are the telephone company.
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