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155115Re: Social Security Calendar - CLARIFICATION

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  • John
    Jan 2, 2013
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      You will receive your payment on the third ,no matter where your bank is located, if SSA has your mailing address as a foreign country.

      My wife and I both changed our mailing address with SSA to our apartado postal in Costa Rica and at the same time I changed to have my payment made to my bank in CR while my wife's remained to be deposited to her US bank account.

      Before the change my payment was received on the third Wednesday of the month and my wife's on the fourth Wednesday. The month following the change both my payment and and my wife's were received on the third of the month. Hers usually shows up the evening before the third while mine at BN is usually after 10am on the third assuming of course that it dosn't fall on a CR holiday.
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