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152409Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Banking

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  • Thomas E Mayer Jr
    Oct 17, 2012
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      > I am planning to spend a few months in CR. Can I open a dollar account?

      I think you would best use your stateside debit card for your money needs.
      I haved taken out money from both Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (BNCR) and

      I do have an account at BNCR in Orosi, it is a dollar account which
      exchanges my dollars into colones. I have a BNCR max of about 220,000
      colones either from my BNCR account or my US federal credit union.

      The only way to get money into my BNCR from the US is an electronic
      transfer @ a $40 each. I have deposited one or two checks from US account
      and it took about 10 business day to clear. The private banks in Costa
      Rica may have other options which at BNCR.

      Two importants points for your debit and credit cards. Make sure you ask
      for new ones before you leave the states so that their expiration date is
      after you plan to return to the US. And finally remember to the your bank
      to make a note on your account(s) the dates you plan to be in Costa Rica
      using your cards for there.

      Portland, OR
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