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151825Re: the tico times is gone - a sad loss of yet another newspaper

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  • John
    Oct 1 7:06 PM
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      First, I'm too new onto the scene to add anything to the opinions about
      the Tico Times (TT), based on any years and years of reading it, but:

      1). I'm an old line, old time Journalist (note the capital "J");

      2). I'm currently reading Land Use Change In Costa Rica, with the 2011
      CD update. (A scientific study of the development and changes in Costa
      Rica from the 1960's until today.)

      3). The number of times the TT is cited as a source of information,
      regarding a topic which obviously required expensive and intensive
      journalistic research, presence and drive, relative to the other media
      sources cited, is phenomenal.

      Based on this alone, I'm pretty certain that any weaknesses at TT equal
      a real loss to Costa Rica and its residents -- all of its residents --
      expats and natural citizens alike.

      Maybe hard copy print media are an anachronism to these "modern times"
      and society but unless somebody and something replaces what the old time
      Journalists gave to society, we're much poorer for the loss.

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