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151777Re: the tico times is gone - a sad loss of yet another newspaper

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  • allendickinson70
    Sep 30, 2012
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      I agree with you (and others) kdeluisa. I will miss the ability to sit on my balcony and hold actual newsprint in my hand. But I will miss more than that.

      As a sometimes contributor and faithful reader,I know the TT may not have been the best newspaper in the world, but they made an effort to do new, original, honest, and professional reporting. That's something that has gone by the wayside in recent years.

      To illustrate what I am referring to about the loss of professionalism in journalism, here's an excerpt from an article about the death of professional journalism, _The Story Behind the Story_, by Mark Bowden, published in October 2009 Atlantic Monthly:

      "Work formerly done by reporters and producers is now routinely performed by political operatives and amateur ideologues of one stripe or another, whose goal is not to educate the public but to win. . . Political activists supplying material for TV news broadcasts is not new, of course, (but) it has largely replaced the work of on-the-scene reporters . . . In our exhausting 24 / 7 news cycle, demand for timely information and analysis is greater than ever . . . (and) savvy political operatives have stepped eagerly into the breach. What's most troubling is not that TV-news producers mistake their work for journalism, which is bad enough, but that young people drawn to journalism increasingly see no distinction between disinterested reporting and hit-jobbery. . . . Today (this) is rapidly replacing journalism, leading us toward a world where all information is spun, and where all "news" is un-apologetically propaganda."

      Remember this as you watch your TV or read the "news" on your iPad.

      Unfortunately, financial pressures have forced the TT to move towards the current electronic model and take things on-line. I can only hope they are able to maintain their integrity in that environment. I thank them for their past work and wish them well in the future.

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