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151775Re: the tico times is gone - a sad loss of yet another newspaper

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  • kdeluisa
    Sep 30, 2012
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      > I have on file the first copy I ever bought of Tico Times over 25 years ago.  I paid 5 colones, and it was worth it!

      The majority of the posts about the loss of the Tico Times seem so negative which seems usual for this group. It seems so many of the members of this group love to complain about the loss of Costarrican values and how so much has changed for the worse. The Tico Times has in the past been criticized in the past but never so heartlessly or mindless as over the closing of it.

      Internet news sources will never be the same as holding a paper in your hands and paging through it over morning coffee. There was a combination of focus on news content that was heartfelt and uplifting as well as the so called real world news of death, crime and corruption. It had a balance to it that the Dyers, tried to maintain that you do not find in the local news filled with violence. As a long time expat I was able to check in each week and see what was going on the following week. I read all the classified ads and often was able to discover organizations I never knew about that were helping better the world here in my back yard.

      My street kid program flourished for many years because of the support of the Tico Times and its faithful featuring of our projects. They did the same for other struggling non profits.

      Dery Dyer is the most conscious newswoman I have ever met always trying to bring to the public heartfelt news as well as keeping abreast of the local to dos. She worked incredibly long hours and devoted her life to that paper after her father died. The end of this paper was brought about because of the financial glut especially in real estate which brought about a deadly decline in advertising revenue and mismanagement by the people who were in charge of the paper at the last few years when the Tico operations was turned over to other parties.

      So much of the soul of what made Costa Rica special is being lost to cyber communications, malls, fast food chains, tourism without consciousness and development, the Tico Times was an integral component of what kept our expat community together in more ways than one. I for one will truly miss it.

      Thank you Dery Dyer for your devotion, love and caring you gave to this community most of your life. I appreciate it.
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