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151706Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Re: the tico times is gone - a sad loss of yet another newspaper

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  • mrlee in Jaco
    Sep 28, 2012
      the TT was a very poor excuse for a newspaper. "back in the days" yes, there was a bunch of good content and we looked forward to each week's edition. but that was before the internet started gobbling up all their revenue, and slowly but surely, the paper became irrelevant. added to this was the birth of internet based daily "newspapers"

      we carry the paper in my shop, so even if i wasn't running out to buy it, i still got a chance to read it. even customers coming into the shop stopped buying it. i'd get 5 papers to sell on friday morning, and the next friday i still had 4 (the 5th i brought home for my wife so she could have the crossword puzzle). i guess i supported them, cause i paid for all 5 papers every week, instead of sending back the unsold; and they STILL couldn't make it! sad day for the print side, but you have to EARN a readership.


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