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151702Re: the tico times is gone - a sad loss of yet another newspaper

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  • stanhopi
    Sep 28, 2012
      > I was a long-standing subscriber to the TT. The writing was on the
      > wall as it got thinner and thinner. But its loss still saddens me.

      Me too, Michael. I discovered the TT on my first visit to CR in 1976 and
      have been reading it sever since.

      A few years later I subscribed to the print edition by main in Florida but
      it took a week or longer to arrive.

      When the online digital version was made available I switched to that and
      was delighted to get the entire paper online on Fridays when it came out!
      The digital version is the entire newspaper and not the excerpted freebee
      version sent out via email.

      I have continued to renew my digital subscription up 'til now and will do
      so as long as they continue to publish it.

      I also sent a small donation to them mostly as a gesture but also because
      every little bit helps.

      I hope they are able to keep producing the TT. I'll be satisfied with it
      as a digital entity.

      Fingers X-ed!

      Paul M.
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