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147620nest box sizes for different birds

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  • henry kantrowitz
    Jun 16, 2012
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      here are some dimensions for nest boxes i have made and were used for a few species of birds.
      house wrens
      4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 6 to 8 inches deep 1 1/2 inch hole or a vertical slit 1x2 inches and entrance hole about two inches from the top.
      pygmy owls  
      8"x8"x10" inches deep.  fill with some wood shavings about two inches deep. nail some pieces of wood to the front inside for them to climb up to exit.  nest hole about two inches from the top and a perch attached on the outside of nest entrance.  nest hole 2 1/2 inches diameter 
      orange chinned parakeets
      8x8x12 inches deep.  same construction.  hole entrance about three inches in diameter.   wood shavings about 3 inches deep.  also nail some steps on the inside to enter and exit.
      streaked fly catchers
      same size as parakeets.  nest hole about two inches from the top.  perch attached on outside of nest entrance.   no need for nesting material they will bring their own.
      larger parrots
      12x12x24 to 30 inches deep.  4 inches of shavings and an entrance hole 4 or 5 inches in diameter.  steps installed inside or connect chain link fencing to the front inside.  nest hole about four inches from the top. perch attached on outside of nest entrance.
      scarlet macaws
      18x18x40 inches deep.  nest whole about five inches from the top.  nest whole 6 inches in diameter.  perch attached on the outside of nest entrance.  wood steps attached to the front inside for access or chain link fencing attached to the front inside down to six inches from the bottom.  wood shavings about four inches deep.

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