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14755Re: La Ley ? What is the law ?

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  • olamoree
    Mar 31, 2003
      It may be the "law of the landlord" but not a CR or ICE "law". T'was
      a time when "aiming to please" landlords included phone service in a
      rental, only to discover "outrageous" phone bills arriving after the
      renter departed, thus the "deposit requirement". Each phone owner has
      to make a "deposit" with ICE when the phone line is applied for, now
      included in the 25,000 colon fee. When the landlord requires a
      deposit against using his/her phone line, it is for personal
      protection as the landlord is ultimately responsible for the charges
      on his/her phone line, could lose the line and even have civil
      judgements against properties if the bill was not paid. Of course, the
      landlord does NOT have to provide a renter with a phone line as they
      can usually get their own, it just makes the rental more attractive.
      "Total confidence"? Is that a CR expression? Why don't you just
      get your own phone? Put up the 25,000 colon deposit (less than US$65)
      with the ICE and when your landlady disconnects her service to your
      house, you should get your $500 back instantly or upon payment of the
      final bill.


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      > Anybody know if this IS the "law"?
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