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145563what about the fish you are eating?

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  • henry kantrowitz
    May 3, 2012
      this is a paragraph from an article in a.m. costa rica, today.
      "Most readers have seen photos of Pacific beaches where the discarded plastic bottles of the Central Valley accumulate. Less well known is that when plastic enters the sea it is chopped finely and infiltrates hundreds of feet of the top layers of the oceans. By this time most of the pieces are measured in millimeters. Scientists worry about ocean life ingesting these plastic particles.... "
      my question is, how safe is the fish that you are eating?  if they ingest these tiny plastic particles then you are ingesting them as well when you eat them.  cooking the fish is not going to get rid of the plastic.  so now there is a dubble whammy when you eat fish here in costa rica.  you are not sure how much plastic you are ingesting nor how much toxic pollutants, in the fish, from the highly polluted rivers dumping into the oceans and gulfs. 
      the diet fed farm raised fish usually contains fish meal in it as well.  fish meal comes from wild caught fish from the ocean.  so those fish are consuming plastic and toxins as well.  plastic is highly toxic as it is made from petroleum.   it is time to think more about recycling any plastics that you buy.   maybe you might think twice about the fish you eat as well.  

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