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  • escazunews
    Apr 1, 2012
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      I know him since I was in University quite many years ago he is a
      great human been, very direct and efficient, also on time.
      Doctor Carlos Pastora , Escazu Downtown phones 2289-6571 & 22287865 e mail pastoradental@...

      Last year I wrote an article about my kids dentist to be exact is
      our family dentist since i and my wife go there to, I am
      publishing the article again since by miracle or something special
      my kids are asking me when is their next visit to the Dentist,
      that is something special, so here is the article again
      I took my two little ones to the dentist. Their first visit a
      pleasant one, they arrived, a little nervous, went into the office,
      there they sit them down and with a simple explanation, they explain
      in a kina and assuring manner the reasons for this visit, all the
      instruments that the doctor will use, they give an explanation using
      graphics of the teeth, what cavities are (worms), they explain that
      they will have to take photographs (X-rays), etc, etc. A very
      reassuring and practical explanation that should be given in all
      schools so that children learn more and do not feel frightened when
      visiting the dentist. Keep in mind that children are very smart. (I
      still remember my first visit to the dentist... PANIC!!!!). The
      doctor, who is a truly a sweet person arrives. attends the patient,
      examines them, takes X rays, and in the case of my daughter fixes
      her cavity, the children go on home with a little treat in hand and
      even ask when they will be back. All this is my store of my visit
      with the Doctor Rebecca Sesin, General Orthodontist with an emphasis
      on CHILDREN ORTHODONTRY. Downtown Escazu Telephones 289-6571 y
      2287865. p.s. she also attends big children like ME!

      regards daniel

      also check http://escazunews.com/directorio-de-servicios-/128-salud.html
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