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144437dentist in San Pedro/Ipod

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  • powernapper
    Apr 1, 2012
      Myself and a friend need some dental work , mostly basic stuff, but I likely need a tooth removed and perhaps an implant. I need a little bit of cosmetic stuff , but most is real dental work.

      I had 2 bad experiences ina row, one in San pedro and one in Quepos and would really appreciate the suggestions you all might have,

      Secondly, I have seen and even purchased an Ipod docking station at Pricemart, but I never saw an Ipod there. Not sure exactly where to buy one and my new daughter is turning 17 on SUnday, my other daughter says that is the ideal birthday gift for a 17 year old and I tend to agree. Anyone know where to get these things? I am on my way to San Jose today so would love any advice!

      Many thanks!
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