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143Re: [CostaRicaLiving] Re: Cultural Compass

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  • Paul Wessen
    Feb 28, 2000
      Your commentary on 'Tico Tolerance'  was at once amusing and (depressingly) true.   We gringos could certainly benefit from more of this insight, as hard as it is to swallow sometimes.  My contribution...

      Considering that this was once (and possibly not too long ago) a nation of horsemen, perhaps we might understand the custom of pulling across the road to park, in defiance of traffic patterns.

      But parking in the middle of the road to talk with a friend?  Not just car drivers, but bus drivers, taxis, and truck drivers as well?   A confused gringo was once heard to remark that he once saw a dog lying in the middle of the road..."and didn't have his emergency flashers on!"

      Oh yes...   On the issue of 'tico-time', where nobody knows the correct time to arrive for an event.  you can get a person's attention by saying:   I expect you at  (time phase)  English Time.