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138210Re: a not so funny question...

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  • eRAT
    Oct 31, 2011
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      It all "depends" on your sense of propriety, fear of snakes, and need for sanitary conditions. I have never had a problem finding a bano to use in the towns or cities. Towns are often far apart though. Yes, people in foreign countries pee too. And there are older people in those same countries who have the same urgencies we do. In the country, well CR has many trees, but you need to be careful heading to the bushes.And no one cares if you sprinkle the flora. You may even see it more than you want to.

      The older I get the more travel issues make themselves potential barriers. But then I remember, they got old people everywhere and they seem to get along quite well.

      Take the trip, the worst that can happen is less than the joy you can find. Come down in the rainy season, then no one will even know!

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