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138199a not so funny question...

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  • ak
    Oct 31, 2011
      Hi all,

      I've yet to visit CR and keep on gathering info...

      Have sort of a "special" question...

      Some of us, less fortunate, after certain age, start devising our walking trips if any, with the view of being able to find/use washroom facilities on a "2/3min-need-to-use" basis. As our need became more urgent, so to speak, with the age, not giving us the "latitude" we used to enjoy in our younger years.

      Here in Canada, anywhere we go, we could safely use relatively clean washrooms in large grocery stores, at the malls and in an ever present multitude of cafeterias (thank G-d for Tim Horton's being at every which corner ) etc. free and without any hassle.  So it is in the States as well.

      What is the general situation with this "service" in CR?

      Thanks in advance to anyone, (my wife is also curious about this topic) who'd decide to answer, publicly or in private.



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