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136123Re: Refridgerator repair Man And Orthopedist

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  • costaricaresourceguide
    Sep 3, 2011
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      If you are in a bind for finding one near you these 2 guys will come to you (but for an extra fee of course):

      MELVIN Valverde
      (8-398-4614 / NO LONGER at 8-855-9825 / 2-289-9565 / MelEscazu@...)
      COMMENTS: So far, Melvin has been able to fix everything I needed or referred me to someone for something much more mechanical. He has also been VERY resourceful to help fix something to last just a little bit longer &/or a cheap fix (Tico-izing) when my funds were really limited (I had an extra OLD fridge [purple] & the seal wasn't working well around the door so he put VASELINE around it & it SERIOUSLY worked as long as I had it for over a year!!!) plus he did a REALLY GOOD job when I DID have $$ to fix something properly (Vicki/me). I have shared his information with LOTS & LOTS of people & so far ALL have had RAVES about him!!! Not real common here!!
      ENGLISH: I found him to speak pretty decent English (though, like with most, over the phone can be challenging. I did ok with him with my VicLish [a funny/totally non-perfect version of Spanglish])
      LOCATION: Escazu but he'll come to you all over.

      MARVIN Villa Lobos
      COMMENTS: He did a GREAT job taking care of quite a few things & for others that I have shared his information with & at a decent price.
      ENGLISH: Marvin speaks some English (I did ok with him with my VicLish).
      LOCATION: Guadalupe but he comes to you all over.

      Vicki - STILL in Escazu
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