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136083Re: Where does a newby start?

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  • Al
    Sep 2, 2011
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      Dear Newby,
      When fishing for something tis best to use the appropriate bait. . . so if you tell us about yourself first and then ask specific questions that come to you, you will likely get better answers.

      Yahoo doesn't have the best search capability and it rarely works so well in the rainy season or on Tuesdays but you can always search for something like "San Isidro" and get 1051 messages.

      Or "errors in judgement" and get just one message . . . which I find hilarious considering how many errors in judgement we have all made - there are 2 entries for Mitt Romney so you can be assured you will leave that bunch well in your rear view mirror - assuming you are from that part of the world. There are 13 entries today for the word infinity which makes the infinite far more popular than Mitt (which is probably what he is thinking this morning).

      So fire away if you have specific questions? Someone will have an opinion . . . Berni (FWIW)
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