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  • CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com
    Aug 1, 2011

      Please read this reminder of the CostaRicaLiving group's guidelines. We send this to our members periodically to help them observe the list's rules for day-to-day procedures. Any comments about how the list is run are to be sent to the moderators and not to the list as a whole.

      Please keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to anticipate all possible posting requirements. Moderators reserve the right to apply guidelines as needed in the best interests of the group as a whole.


      We are listed as an unmoderated group via Yahoo guidelines. The grand majority of posts reach the email list directly and do not pass a moderator. ALL NEW MEMBERS are moderated until they are proven not to be spammers and that group guidelines are followed. Some problem members and many advertisers remain on moderated status. IF an unacceptable post makes the list, the moderators will generally deal with it OFF-LIST. Longer term members may be returned to moderated status if guidelines are not followed.

      Receiving E-mail:

      You may chose to receive group e-mails individually, in collected digest form, or read them on the web at our URL only. It is very simple to make these changes. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CostaRicaLiving In the upper right-hand side there is a link, Edit My Membership. Click on this and you'll be taken to a page were you can select and change many options. One of these is Message Delivery. Here you'll see a series of radio buttons that give you the options of receiving Individual emails, Daily digest, or No email. The No email option assumes that you'll read the messages at the web site. Select the option you'd like, and then click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page. You can change your type of mail delivery as often as you care to.

      Responding and Piggybacking:

      If you want to reply to a message and simply click the Reply button in your e-mail program, in most cases, the entire message you're responding to will be included with your response. This causes a great deal of extra time for people downloading and in reading. CRL does not permit this method of response, which is referred to as piggybacking. There are two ways to avoid this. One is not to hit the reply button, but to create a new message addressed to the list. In this way the old message will not be included.

      Another way to avoid piggybacking is to hit the Reply button but then delete the previous message before typing your own.

      We do permit the inclusion of a line or two of a previous message to give context for your reply if needed. All you have to do is delete all of the previous message other than the line or two of context that you want to include.

      An additional reason for not piggybacking is that all of our e-mails go into the Yahoo! Archives where we have a limited amount of space. We have already reached our limit and the oldest messages are already being deleted. Without piggybacking, we will be able to have even more information in the archives for people to consult.

      One-line Answers:

      The list does not permit one-line answers of the type, for example, "Yes, I agree," "Thanks for the info," etc. All this does is create more unnecessary traffic on the list and more emails for the members to have to open, read, and delete. If you do want to send this type of response, please address it to the person you're responding to and not to the entire list.


      Flaming, which means a personal attack on another member, is strictly forbidden. We do not tolerate personal attacks on the list, period.

      Suitable Subject Matter:

      This list is about living in Costa Rica and virtually anything else that pertains to Costa Rica. We do not allow discussions of politics or religion in any other context than that of Costa Rica.

      Of particular value and interest to the list are e-mails about trips the members have taken throughout Costa Rica, about their lives here and the places they live, what the list has done to help people during their time in Costa Rica, and any reports about information gleaned from the list that turned out to be inaccurate.


      Ads, on a limited basis (every 30 days or so), are welcome from our members when they concern their own business and services or when they recommend the business or services of others. These announcements are welcome on both the list and the group's e-board. It is very helpful to everyone to have a fitting subject line for these ads.

      Blogs and other lists: We accept a one time announcement concerning the creation of another list or blog. Signature tags and links are then allowed with your on-topic posts. We ask that you not direct members to your list for answers to questions posted on CRL.

      Final Guideline: It is impossible to predict any and all situations that may arise. Moderators reserve the right to respond to posts and situations not falling under any guideline above in a manner that is deemed best for the group as a whole.


      Please take the time to browse the archives. There is much valuable information to be found there, and longer-term members tend to be more responsive to newer members who have done a little searching on their own.

      To visit the archives, go to the URL:


      Click "messages," type in your search term, and use the "next" button to continue searching through the messages.

      Finally, feel free to contact our moderators for any assistance.

      Janet Blakeley(Owner/Mod.)

      Sharon Wallace(Moderator)

      Paul Mitchell (Moderator)
      stanhopi @ gmail.com

      Tim McHyde (Mod)

      Chris Poindexter (Mod)

      Kayo Lesser (Mod)
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