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  • SJO99@aol.com
    Jan 26, 2003
      Just a quick note that I did a search in the archives & found no other
      listings for this contact (of course, it is highly possible that I do not
      know what I am doing!). Just a quick note of introduction. I have been
      "listening" to the list for a short while & really like what I am hearing. I
      am an American married to a tica & we live in Oklahoma. I am going to start
      the process of permenant residency very soon so that we can go back when I
      want to and work. I am in the airline industry & have been going to CR for
      about 10+ years. Actually, I met my wife through her sister who was an
      Immigration Officer at Juan Santa Maria when I worked there! Gee, I wish she
      still worked there. Anyway, I am a member of a few different lists on
      various & there is one thing that I REALLY appreciate on this list as well as
      the GalloPinto list. People do not re-post everything from the original
      messages. This makes it a joy to read! I have actually unsubscribed to some
      lists only because it became a burden to just get through to the #$%^
      message! Anyway, thanks again for all of the helpful people on this list.


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