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1328Complexities of Communicating

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  • Chuck Leake
    Jul 31 8:00 PM
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      Hello People of CostaRicaLiving ---


      My desire is to always be successful in communicating with others, especially when using addresses provided by them. My level of patience is very low while frustration quickly takes over.  We now have these wonderful machines that tie us all together so well. My problem is a basic lack of knowledge on how all of these wonderful, but complex machines and networks, do their thing.  That is when they work.  I am grateful when people, such as Mr. Lent, help us out by explaining why things work or simply fail to do what they are supposed to do. 


      I have been meeting with a number of different List members, and tele/e-mail talking with many others, in the past few weeks.  I find there is a great need for some basic type of training in how to do the very common things on our ‘puters.  Starting with things like starting a file system, sending and opening attachments, running common maintenance programs, setting up the ‘Favorites’ folder and other similar things. 


      I have no idea of how to go about doing anything about this and am asking all of you for advise.  I believe that one-on-one teaching works best with something like this.  Probably many of you could benefit from a visit from one of the many people who advertise this type service.  I do know that our own Haymo provides just such a service and know he has helped me a lot.  He and the other reputable people doing this work not only do needed maintenance and repair. But also do a lot of teaching while with you.


      I would like to hear the thoughts of many of you on this subject.  Tell us who has done what to help you get started and to get better.  Make some recommendations on who to use and what they charge.  Tell us about their level of English.  Help us understand this complex new world just a little better.


      don't worry - sea feliz,

      chuck leake