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  • Lorraine Ferringo <lorraine82@juno.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
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      Good morning to all,

      I hope none of you are suffering hangovers this gorgeous morning. I
      have always been one of those lucky people who usually don't have to
      worry about hangovers, though I did have one 17 years ago today. I
      woke with it about 9 or 10am, sure that I was going to die. It was
      about 3pm that I began to suspect I might actually live, and about
      5pm before I began to suspect I might actually want to. Before this
      my attitude toward those suffering this affliction was, "You worked
      hard for it, you earned it, you enjoy it."

      Don't know if any of you might be contemplating New Year's
      resolutions. In 1993 I resolved to make no more New Year's
      resolutions, and to date that is the only resolution I have not
      broken, so I see no reason to disturb its run now.

      Have a great day, and I wish you all the best in this New Year. May
      it be the beginning of all that is good for all of you.