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    Dec 8, 2002
      I have to agree with the below information, but I am asking the same question that was asked Friday in the Tico Times on page 2 by a David Housman. Why can't Villalobos make arrangments with a neutral tax and banking country, such as Panama or one of the others, and distribute the monies owned to investors? Just the interest payments at this point would restore his credibilty. Can anybody give me a sound legal reason why this can't be done? I have asked Tico Times writer David Boddiger the same question by e-mail Saturday morning, with no response as of yet. I have asked AM Costa Rica editor, James Brodell, the same queston, and he sees no reason why not, but he is not a lawyer.
      I would like to ask the same question to Arnoldo Segura, Villalobos's attorney. Does anyone have a phone or fax number for him? Or can somebody relay this question to him? The public has a right to know.

      John Bisceglio

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