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  • Willy Smith
    Dec 7 11:46 PM
      That is probably correct; but who is putting the pressure on the Pacheco
      administration to shut it down? Do you think the loss of perhaps $200-to
      $400 million per year, directly injected into the CR economy, is something
      that the administration would try to destroy, without receiving (or at
      least maintaining) some other higher level of dollar income somewhere else?

      There must be a lot we don't know in this situation, a lot of things behind
      the scenes that we may never know. The whole thing has taken some
      interesting turns, am I'm sure will continue to be a source of news for the
      media circuses. Although I've spent some time trying to guess what the
      eventual effects might be, without much success; one thing I'm sure of is
      that there will be unintended consequences that no one has thought of.

      The history of Costa Rica seems to indicate that there will be a
      dysfunctional muddling-through with several chivos expiatorios; then things
      will get back to "normal".

      My two colones.


      At 04:33 PM 12/7/02 -0800, you wrote:
      >However, the powers that be in the Pacheco administration, whom
      >Villalobos claims is out to get him, as many of Pacheco's political
      >enemies have investments there, are determined to see the business
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