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  • arliejan
    Jan 28, 2011
      i highly recommend Dr Fabiola but the quoted prices may differ as my experience with her (recommended by skollen, thanks for that steve!) is that her prices are low but hard to know what to expect as each person´s situation is different. for example, i wanted to have a partial replaced, a crown redone, and another crown put on an already root canaled tooth. turns out that tooth needed another root canal as the USA dentist completely missed a second root in it, the crown to be redone needed to be extracted as a cavity was too far down it´s length, and, as for the partial - i was thankfully talked into having implants. dr fabiola referred me to a great implant specialist, dr anglada (google him) and to her brother for the additional root canal. she will be the one to do crowns and the teeth for the implants (i actually got 5 implant posts done in less than 2 hours and will return in July for the teeth to be attached). NO PAIN whatsoever-
      right now i am sitting in my $12/night hostel in Alajuela applying ice packs for next 48 hrs and following the detailed instructions about aftercare. i cannot speak highly enough about dr anglada, who also has reasonable, comparable pricing.

      --- In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, Skollen <skollenb@...> wrote:
      > Dr. Fabiola Mena in Alajuela, across the street from the Red Cross downtown,
      She has done crowns / veneers for me for 90.000 colones
      > total ($180).
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