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  • stanhopi
    Jan 28, 2011
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      --- SacredShiva@... wrote:
      > Someone will move into a house or apt & then stop paying rent & refuse
      > to leave, how does one get deadbeats out w\o getting into trouble with the
      > law

      There is some commentary on that in

      THE LEGAL GUIDE TO COSTA RICA by Roger A. Petersen

      in the chapter on Rentals.

      My copy is in Alajuela so I cannot refer to it but I recall that one way to
      get them out legally is if you need to move back into it and are the

      This book is quite useful as a starting point. I've seen it for sale at the
      ARCR offices in Casa Canada in SJ. Also I'm sure that Larry would have
      copies of it available at Goodlight Books in Alajuela.

      Good Luck!

      Paul M.
      Lighthouse Animal Rescue
      I voted again today!
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