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122377Re: Pita Bonita Got Robbed and IT is NOT OK!

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    Dec 1, 2010
      A defensive weapon that we have used for years is just what you people living in "NO FIREARMS" areas need. I have lived aboard a sailboat for many years and in just about every port in the world, firearms are illegal. So, me being the thinker I am, I started carrying around my 12 guage flare pistol. It is legal and if needed can be a deadly weapon. Can you imagine a 1/2 ounce piece of molten phosphorus hitting you in the chest and sticking there???OOWWW. It burns at a very high tempurature. It will stop someone in their tracks. Don't ask me how I know. Again....it's legal in most places. But, do check out your local laws.

      With kind regards,

      R. Long

      I must add to my reply concerning the flare gun. The person that was stopped dead in his tracks with the flare pistol laughed his head off when I pulled out my bright shiny orange "toy gun". I must admit, it didn't look very "serious" in comparison to his 24 inch machette. Even his buddies got a good laugh. I only had one shot but when it hit squarely in his chest from about 6 feet the grin was quickly wiped off of his face. I only needed one shot because his compadres left the scene so fast that one of them left his shorts. It scared him out of his pants. I left with the would-be mugger squirming around on the ground trying desperately to wipe that white fire off of his chest. All he did was spread it around to other parts of his body. I didn't read the obits to see if he expired but I also never heard any talk of someone dying by fire so I guess he "made it". It leaves me wondering if he'll ever attempt another mugging. I'll bet if he does, he'll watch for an orange toy pistol! LOL

      R. Long
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