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122372Pita Bonita Got Robbed and IT is NOT OK!

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  • Carol
    Dec 1, 2010
      Pita Bonita Got Robbed and IT is NOT OK!

      Sunday November 28th after ten pm. They had just closed Pita Bonita Restaurant in Playa Chiquita when my good neighbors, Elion and Allison were threatened at knife point and forced back into their home to get money for a thief!

      IT is not ok! Too many people have said in one way or another, that it could have been worse. That is not ok!

      The owner said that NO one was physically hurt... That is a good thing, but it is still not ok to have an outsider come into your home and force you at knife point to give over your things...STEALING (even without violence) is not OK!

      The other owner tried to reassure me and said That I would not be a target,... that it was the restaurant business with cash that made it a target... STEALING (even if just from businesses ) is not OK!

      Even that outrageous liberal, Michael Cook said that at least it wasn't a gun. That is not ok... not even a little bit ok. The type of force used is not justification for anything! STEALING (even with little weapons) is not OK!

      IT is not ok... IT is not ok for strangers, vendors, employees or acquaintances to come into your space and take your stuff and hurt or threaten you...not even a little bit ok. It is not ok to tolerate sneak thieves, and petty pilfering, and even gentle cons... stealing is not ok.

      and I am open to suggestions about buying wasp spray or tranquilizer darts etc.
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