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121084Re: Stolen passports worth lots of money? Why?

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  • Tray
    Nov 3, 2010
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      Look, if a canceled passport allows Colombians to live permanently in Costa Rica, why am I jumping through hoops for residency? Why can't I do this on my valid passport?

      HUH? who told you colombians can live permanently here on a stolen passport? that doesn't even make any sense. you need residency because you will only get a maximum 90 day visa when entering the country. and if you come in via the airport, your passport is always scanned, just as it is in the US when you enter. Around the globe US passports bring a hefty fee. if they didn't they wouldn't be stolen. maybe it will be harder to forge them/change them with the new rfid chip they've planted inside the new version. but never underestimate the wiliness of those who are in the business of procuring stolen US passports. just talk to the embassy if you don't believe me.
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