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121067Re: Stolen passports worth lots of money? Why?

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  • briggs.joan36
    Nov 2, 2010
      --- In CostaRicaLiving@yahoogroups.com, Bruce Gowens <billygoatbruce@...> wrote:
      > When I had a canceled PP in Nicarauga (it was recovered after being reported lost) and needed to catch a bus to CR, the PP office told me to got ahead and use it--getting a replacement later in CR.  The CR (and other Central Amercian) computer systems are not tied in witht the US one so the border people did not know it had been canceled.
      > So a US passport is good for 90 days into CR (and, I presume, elsewhere) by any crook even though canceled.
      Because they didn't run your computer through a computer check, doesn't mean they cannot and do not check anything suspicious. Since there couldn't be any doubt as to whose passport it was (unless you don't look like your picture) there would be no reason to query. Also, if your passport contains a legitimate exit stamp, which was more than 72 hours old, there wouldn't be any need to question check out the validity. I've been through dozens of entries and exits, and they've never bothered to do a computer check on me. The U.S. customs routinely does a computer check when returning to the states.

      Look, if a canceled passport allows Colombians to live permanently in Costa Rica, why am I jumping through hoops for residency? Why can't I do this on my valid passport?
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