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121065Re: Stolen passports worth lots of money? Why?

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  • briggs.joan36
    Nov 2, 2010
      > the value may have to do with the security features of the passport. they
      > would probably operate on the passport and then replace the photo with a new
      > photo and reelaminate to make it look authenic. Im sure there are many
      > other places in the world where they would have more value and are probably
      > transported there.
      I look at my passport and there is no lamination. The picture page is printed on one thin sheet of paper. So they would have to replace the entire page. If they could do that, they could print up their own passports. But how would that permit someone to stay permanently in Costa Rica? Without having to leave the country every 90 days? I'm believing that the $5,000 for a stolen and canceled passport is simply an urban myth.
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