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120985Re: Stolen passports worth lots of money? Why?

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  • stanhopi
    Nov 2, 2010

      > "briggs.joan36" <briggs.joan36@> wrote: Someone reported that a
      > housekeeper stole her passport, because it presumably is valuable.

      And "Sid" <osid1962@...> replied:

      > I will be glad to sell mine for a few thousand and go to the embassy,
      report mine lost and get another one for $130. Sounds like a money
      making opportunity to me.

      Sid if you do that and get it replaced, and thenafter happen to really
      lose your passport (or have it stolen) you may either be denied geeting
      a replacement passport or have one issued for a limited time only, like
      maybe just for a year.

      The US Govt / Embassy are way ahead of you here!

      Solamente mis dos granitos de arena . . .

      Paul M.
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