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120970Stolen passports worth lots of money? Why?

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  • briggs.joan36
    Nov 1, 2010
      Someone reported that a housekeeper stole her passport, because it presumably is valuable. I keep hearing that a U.S. passport is worth several thousand dollars. Please help me understand this.

      Some time ago someone questioned this here, and asked what possible good would a canceled and invalid passport be to anyone? Why bother to steal one? Who would pay for it?

      The consensus of opinion at that time was that Columbian drug cartel members use stolen passports so they can remain in the country permanently. Maybe I'm missing something. Why should an invalid, canceled passport allow this privilege for a drug cartel thug, yet it won't work for an American with a perfectly valid document? Why should we have to leave every 90 days or apply for residency? Because our passports are valid?

      Not trying to stir up an argument -- just curious.
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