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110828GPS and Google Earth

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  • Carole Saylor
    Apr 30, 2010
      Everyone keeps talking about GPS and Google Earth.  That brings questions on each topic to mind.

      1.  How does one find a GPS that shows addresses when we don't have them here? 
           And how do I find my GPS coordinates?  And please don't send me to the Municipalidad in Limón they are completely Clueless about pretty much everything. 
           When I moved here a few years ago I went to buy a GPS in Arizona and was told it would pretty much be useless in Costa Rica because they didn't have maps for Costa Rica.  Has that changed recently?

      2.  Google Earth - I've tried using it to find my house and when I zoom in close enough to maybe see the roof, it looks like a smeared green fingerpainting. 
            I've also tried Google Maps and it says it they can't zoom in that close.  Any suggestions on what I might use instead of these two?
      Thanks, Carole

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