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  • Heyder
    Jun 26, 2000

      Hi Roy, hi All,


      Thank you for the feedback and the addition to the pulpería.

      In Santa Elena, seven years ago, the “los Cruces” was the classical and local one. Now it is really a “Super-Pulpería” with a Musmanni bakery incorporated, Dos Pinos fridges all over the place, laser-gun register, and an ATM so that you can leave your money right there. They still give credit, though.


      I am adding the various chapters to a document (MS-Word format – did I hear “yeeech!”). I definitely do not intend to translate the whole book. The reason for the document is, that all the information is in one place, ready to print.


      I would need help on the subject “Cooking in Costa Rica”, since Don Constantino includes many mouth-watering recipes. I am a very bad cook – if I put water to boil for the eggs, it burns! – therefore completely unqualified for that part.


      Anyone interested as a co-author/ess??





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