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  • Martin Rice
    Sep 1 7:17 AM
      You absolutely don't want to take a bus from the Coca Cola bus terminal. The best way to get to Dominical from San José -- I mean fastest and safest, not cheapest, is to take a MUSOC bus from their new terminal -- any taxi driver will take you there from your hotel -- to San Isidro de El General and from there take a taxi to Dominical ($20-$25).

      As far as tickets in advance, you can't buy them online, only at the terminal. People do buy them in advance -- all seats are reserved -- so it's possible that when you get to the terminal the next bus out might be sold out and you'll need to take the next bus. There are about 8 - 10 buses per day.

      Lagunas de BarĂș, Costa Rica

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      A bus is your best bet. The highway (if you use the term VERY
      loosely) to Dominical is difficult to traverse in a normal car unless
      you take the long route south accross the Mountains of Death to San
      Isidro General then west to Dominical. The Raddisson Europa is just
      around the corner from the Coca Cola bus terminal where you can catch
      a bus.

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      > Hi, need some advice about how to get from San Jose to dominical.
      > flying in late one evening and need to get to Dominical asap the
      > morning. I'm not renting a car. Bus? Would I need to purchase a bus
      > ticket in advance on-line? Is there a nice hotel around the bus
      > station? Thanks so much!

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